Visual Artist / Designer / Producer / Promoter

I weave mythology, pop culture, drawings, and complexity within my work. Though art contains the ability to be manipulated, copied, or misunderstood, I don't find myself trembling between these lines. Instead I try to be fearless and learn from my endeavors. Too often as artists and viewers we observe art by dividing the technique used, the imagery, and lastly contemplate the meaning (if we feel compelled). I believe there lies a riddle in a piece that cannot be so easily dissected. Sometimes though what you see is what you get.

I currently plan on keeping my swivel chair day job and continue supplementing my income with freelance projects, art sales, booking bands, and curating monthly art shows I try to support a plethora of local artists, performers, and entrepreneurs so my I find myself out doing that a lot or collaborating on projects. My biggest love is motivating community around me to follow their creative passions. That love is what inspired the creation of monthly Black & Brown Selfcare meetups The Black & Brown Babes Collective



Rae earned a BFA in Graphic Design & Art History from Florida State University. She never bothered to pick up her diploma. Instead she picked up her life and got to Chicago as fast as she could. She prefers to work with multiple mediums and found objects. She feels invisible,observing behind a camera lens as she captures candid moments of people around her. She then paints, collages, and inks her own photos in the hope of transforming a static image to what she was experiencing through the camera lens. Rae's work flickers back and forth between pop art, pizza parties, and nostalgic lighthearted illustrations to ominous representations of our cultures' notion of "home" and coping with mortality.


I am a proud member of Hostel Earphoria. Co- Creator of Black & Brown Babes Collective

Contributor of Q4 Gallery

If you are interested in collaborating on an event with me, Hostel Earphoria, B&B Babes Collective, or Q4 Tribe please visit HERE

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